In-Depth Post #3 -Troubleshooting

Since my last post, I’ve embarked on several endeavours to bring myself closer to my goal. Unfortunately, there were a lot of things that went wrong in those few weeks. Maybe not that many, but there were still several moments of frustration.

After the first few weeks of being pretty confused and going in circles, I finally downloaded an art program where I finally finalized character designs. I didn’t finish colouring, or the different views, but I do know what the character is going to look like, which is good.

sneak peek at my character (image credits to me)

I decided to download flash as well, but for some reason it didn’t download onto my computer. I might’ve missed a step, but there’s also the fact that my computer is in Chinese which makes it pretty difficult for me to read. I’ll get it figured out during these next two weeks but I need to finish storyboarding (which shouldn’t take long, considering this animation will be under on minute).

During the last session I had with my mentor, he talked about the animation industry and about how ideas were generated. He started talking about how the idea gets approved, then I clarified that writers were the ones who turned the idea into a story. When we got to talking about the actual animating, I added that animators can only do so many frames in a day, making labour quite expensive. He agreed, and I also said that this was one of the many reasons why I was worried about going into the animation industry. We continued the discussion, and I found that it was pretty much like what I already thought about animation.

I’ll continue working hard for the next few weeks. Hopefully by the next post, I’ll have actually started animating!