Show Not Tell Writing

Telling sentence: The puppy was a terror


As I took the first step up the stairs, a tiny fur-ball came racing down at the speed of sound, dragging behind itself a roll of unfurling toilet paper. I stared flabbergasted as the little devil bounded down the stairs, pouncing on me and knocking all of the wind out of me. The small but terrifying puppy yipped happily, dropping the roll of toilet paper and running off in another direction. I steadied myself and followed the dog’s path of destruction into the kitchen, where I nearly fainted at the sight which awaited me. The little pest had somehow gotten into the fridge and was sniffing curiously at a carton of a milk. When it saw me, it scampered away mischievously, and I ran after it, hot on its heels. The dog finally stopped in the garage, where it dove into a box of Christmas lights. The troublemaker emerged, wagging its tail proudly, tongue hanging out and entangled in colourful strands of lights, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the silly puppy.

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