2081- adding interest

The film “2081” proves to be a more effective means of narration than the original text of “Harrison Bergeron.” The film has more subtle nuances that requires the viewer to watch several times to find, such as Hazel humming the tune that the musicians were playing at the end of the film. In comparison to Vonnegut’s almost bland writing style, the attention to detail is a startling shock. It also implies that Hazel has the ability to remember things beyond the short bursts. The characters are far more developed, not only Hazel but also her husband. George also appears more aloof in the movie, and through flashbacks seemingly remembers the day Harrison was taken. This allows the viewer to relate more seeing as it adds more emotion to the piece. Though the text serves as a splendid means of conveying “Harrison Bergeron,” the film version provides more interest and is thus more effective.

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