Monet’s intro

Claude Monet is an ingenious painter who revolutionized the world of art through Impressionism. Though mocked for his paintings being mere “impressions,” these works of art truly “impressed” me. His father, a grocer, disapproved of his career into art and didn’t support him painting. I believe this is an almost universal problem for artists everywhere—it’s hard to make a living selling paintings.

I was first drawn to Monet when I saw his paintings in the Museum of Modern Art in New York back in March. The vibrant colours of the landscapes and the people within them seemed so cheerful and lighthearted, and the picture he painted of France was that of a beautiful, serene country. Just looking at his art made me think that I wanted to visit France’s countryside.

During the month of August, when many grade 10s were starting to think of Eminent and who to choose, the first person who popped into my mind was Monet. He is undoubtedly eminent; he was a founder of a major art movement. And when I have my mind set on something, I dislike changing it. Despite gender and race barriers, I think that I can relate to many of Monet’s other qualities, such as his fascination with the natural world and colour and his determination to keep painting despite oppression.

The main barrier separating Monet and I is gender. However, I think that other similarities can account for this point. Our mutual interest in art and strong passion for the natural world are what really matters. Our library field trip further enforced this decision; as I flipped through books on Monet I found that he was even more eminent than I originally thought 2 months ago. I realized that common interests can transcend gender.

The main obstacle in my path is not only the harsh competition in the world of art, but also my parents’ reluctance in me pursuing such a career. Even though I can remember drawing and painting as early as the age of 4, not once have my parents voiced their approval at my dream. I don’t think I’ll follow this career path, seeing as there is a certain amount of talent, and possibly even luck, necessary. The real world isn’t so forgiving, either. Those without talent will be ultimately weeded out, and I can’t profess to having great prowess for art, just a strong passion for it.

I want to learn more about Claude Monet’s art and his passion for it, thereby furthering my own knowledge in art. As well, I’m hoping to discover more about the way that I view and create art. This is also one of my IEP goals: to further my passion in art. I can tell that Eminent this year will be bittersweet as it is the tens’ last year, but it will definitely be a lot of fun. It’s also really exciting to enter this project from a new point of view and being able to watch I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s Eminent projects and seeing how I’ll grow from this experience.


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