ZIP take two


Inquiry question: What are the main components that make a graphic novel effective?

Big Idea: Creative writers are observant of the world

I love to draw, I love to read, and I love to write. When I think of these things, graphic novels are the first thing to come to mind. I kind of hate to admit it, but I have been an avid reader of Japanese-style manga ever since middle school. I may have even had the ridiculous dream of becoming a mangaka when I grew up… which is why I wrote my own graphic novel in collaboration with a friend of mine. I wanted to take another crack at it sometime, then ZIP presented the perfect opportunity for me. 

Through ZIP I want to gain a better understanding of the graphic novels as literature, and find out what makes them so unique.  I find pleasure when I’m reading, so I’ve never really thought about the difficult things like themes when I read. I already have a good understanding of literary analysis, so I’m sure that this will help me when I take apart the novels and find what makes them effective.

By the end of our 3 weeks, I hope to be able to pen a successful graphic novel, understand the components of a graphic novel, and analyze works which are not conventional literature. I know that if I need any help with this assignment, I can ask Mr. Morris any questions that I have. As well, Phia is doing something related, so I could always find her for advice. I plan on using graphic novels across different genres as my resources, and definitely any online resources.I plan on presenting my learning in the form of a graphic novel, and probably some time-lapsed videos of my work alongside the finished product. I’ll probably describe the process that I went through to acquire these skills as well.

Plan which I really hope will work:

Dec 11: Finish analyzing (at least) 5 different graphic novels (coming up with thematic statements?)

Dec 11: Begin Storyboarding

Dec 15: Begin writing/drawing

Dec 22/during winter break: Finish the novel!

I’m so excited to get a second chance to do this, though I feel really nerdy and lame when I think about what I’m going to make my graphic novel about. But I’ll definitely have fun with this project!


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