DOL #2 – The Battle of the Plains of Abraham

What effect did the Seven Years’ War and Battle of the Plains of Abraham have on Canadians?


Why is this an important and significant question to ask about the past?


It’s important to know more about the Seven Years’ War and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham because it was a pivotal moment which decided Canada’s future. It also established the British hegemony in North America, which lead to many other events such as the American Revolution.

This event is also very important because it influenced Canada’s creation and identity, especially within Quebec where the Francophones reside. Though New France was given to the British, the Francophones were permitted to stay. This lead to a majority of those living in Quebec speaking French, and Canada becoming a bilingual country.

Why did your researched events happen the way they did and what were the consequences?

Great Britain ended up winning in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham because of the actions of General Wolfe, and how he told the men to hold their fire at first. However, though the British occupied Quebec, their position was not secure. This lead to the Battle of Sainte-Foy, where positions were reversed, and the British were forced to retreat. The British and the French reached a stalemate, then British reinforcements arrived and the French were forced to surrender Montreal.

Is what happened right and fair by the values and standards of the time? How about from our current values and standards? Explain.


What happened at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham was fair by the standards of the time. Both Britain and France were seeking to conquer new land and monetary gain for themselves, which was normal. This culminated in a battle between these two powers, in which the British emerged triumphant.

However, by our current values and standards, the expansion of these European powers cannot be considered just. The British evicted Acadians living in the present day Maritime provinces and while New France was built on top of land which indigenous people had already been living on for thousands of years. In our modern day world, this would not be acceptable.


What conclusions can you reach about your question, based on the research you conducted?


The Seven Years’ War, particularly the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, had a huge effect on Canadian history. It serves as the basis to the modern day bilingual Canada, as both French and English are spoken in the country, particularly in the province of Quebec. It affected Francophones living in Quebec in the 1760s the most, as their land was taken over by the British. The French ceded their possessions to the British with the Treaty of Paris in 1763, though the French Canadians were given freedom of worship and were allowed to emigrate if they so wished.

Treaty of Paris



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  1. Michelle, I’d just like to note that I studied something very similar. I asked, “To what extent did the Battle of the Plains of Abraham affect French settlement in Canada” so our posts follow the same sort of structure. I do like that you added pictures to this post. It makes it easier to read, and breaks up all of the writing. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading your section comparing the values of today against those of the time. I took a different turn, and decided that it would be odd, but still semi-believable for the same thing to occur today. Many wars are fought over land even today. However, I didn’t do the research to understand the invasion of privacy and all that, which you discussed. Overall, you broke this whole chunk of information down, very well to an easily digestible works. It may just be because I researched a lot of this, but your post was nice and understandable, which I really appreciate. It’s hard to remember every date and name of the past, but you only included a few of the more important ones, making this more impactful.

    Nice! 10/10 I approve

  2. ★ your explanation of cause & consequence is really clear and logical! There is an obvious sequential order to how and why these events happened.
    ★ the moral/ethic justice of what happened is clearly outlined, both in context of the time and in context of us looking back on the events.
    ✦ one connection is how you went in-depth with the idea of how something “nation-building” was harmful to other marginalized groups. the results of what happened are still felt today, in many different forms, yet not necessarily for good.

  3. Hey, Michelle! Your post was very clear an concise, but still included lots of backup research to support your opinions. At the end of each answer, you brought your points back together to settle your argument (awesome PQS). Your research was obviously very thorough, and you seem to really know what you’re talking about. I’ve learned about the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in elementary school, but I never truly understood the impact it had on Canada, until now. One way my post connects with yours is the semi-freedom the French had after losing the battle against Britain. They were given freedom to worship as they chose, and were given freedom to emigrate, even though everything else was taken. In my post, I mentioned that the Filles du Roi were given the semi-freedom of choosing their husband, even though their lives in Franch were taken. You did a great job, Michelle! 10/10!

  4. Hi Michelle!

    I just want to say that your blog post is full of a lot of information but really simple to read! I really liked the format that your blog post followed, it made your blog easier to read and made it a lot painless to retain all the information. That’s my first star. My second star is that you didn’t add unnecessary details and didn’t go off on any tangents either. Your blog post is concise and to the point, which helped me a lot. My blog post is centred on the connection between the Battle of the Plains of Abraham and Major General James Wolfe, so your blog post provided a lot of information on the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, and gave me a really nice overview of the effects the Battle of the Plains of Abraham made.
    Thanks so much for this spectacular blog post! I’ll definitely drift back to your blog posts from time to time!

    Your underclassman and fellow TALONS.
    Grace. :)))

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