In-Depth – The Final Stretch

Good progress has been made since the last in-depth post! Yuwen and I have each picked a song that is around 1 minute long so as to not surpass our allotted performance time. My song is from a fairly recent Chinese drama, and it can be roughly translated to “One who chases the light,” and Yuwen’s song is from a drama based on her eminent person’s life, and the translation for this song’s title is “Blank Stele.” We’ve started practicing these two pieces, but there are more technical elements that need to be added to spice up the songs.

I’ve made my way through a few more songs, including the Flower drum song, and I’m learning more about controlling my tempo and managing a faster and more consistent rhythm. I’m focusing more on improving current techniques rather than learning new ones, which will be helpful for our performance. I’m about halfway through the third level, which is not quite as fast as I hoped I would be, but I think that my progress has been consistent lately which is very good. There’s been success in my pieces as I’ve been practicing harmonies.

One challenge that always seems to crop up is that I have a rather skewed sense of tempo. I speed up at parts which are easier, and struggle through parts that have more difficulty. I’ve been trying to work through this by using a metronome or tapping my foot to help keep myself on beat. This has been actually working pretty well, so I guess I could call it a success.

Another challenge was definitely finding the right song. The first song I thought of was “Fairytale” by Guang Liang, which is one of my childhood favourites. However, I soon discovered that the song sounded too much like a vocal melody and switched gears. Eventually I remembered my current choice of song, which I had listened to upon a friend’s recommendation. After playing it through I found that it was definitely workable.

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