E Pluribus Unum (Confederation DOL)

Confederation is nigh, and it seems almost inevitable to many, especially those in Canada West. Though we in New Brunswick initially fought against confederating and amalgamating into the Dominion of Canada, there have been recent happenings that make us consider otherwise. Perhaps confederation is the solution to all of our problems.

After the Fenian raids, many of us feared for our security. The Irish attack opened our eyes to the dangers that were present in our world. They attacked Campobello Island, and though they were unsuccessful, New Brunswick borders America. The United States, joined once again by the mystic chords of memory, could invade at any given moment. Many of them believe in Manifest Destiny, which could be catastrophic for New Brunswick. We need the protection and security from other colonies to help us.

Though our trade was flourishing, it has weakened due to the loss of the Reciprocity Treaty between New Brunswick and the United States of America. Though the loss of the treaty may be small for the Americans, it has a huge impact on our colonies, as our trade grew by 33%. With the loss of our main trading partner, it seems as though we must turn to the other colonies for help in this matter.

Furthermore, with the advent of the national railroad, it could be possible that trade could proliferate between New Brunswick and the other colonies, and our trade could be recouped. Great Britain has promised to help with the costs of building the railway and give us a 10-year allowance for this project. It will also give us access to a wider market of goods, which is a benefit to both us and the other colonies.

In the end, it seems as though confederation would be the only viable solution in this hopeless situation. The outcome may be exactly what John A. Macdonald wants; Ottawa will have strong central power. However, considering the dangerous situation we’ve been put in, it seems as though we must accept the wishes of those in Canada West and East and become one country with a centralized government.





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