For my research, I read the first two chapters of the book Understanding Comics during yesterday’s work block. So far, it’s a really interesting read, and it made me think a lot about art and writing in the same form. I’ve always appreciated art, and enjoyed going to museums, but the idea of putting comics in a museum is kind of appalling. But comics have been around for thousands of years. The book defines them as juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence. Therefore, the ancient Egyptians’ paintings were also a form of comic. The books usage of comic mechanics to tell the story makes it even more effective in helping the reader understand comics. It also introduced different forms of abstraction. I’ll continue reading this book even as I start storyboarding for my final project.

In this block, I also finished two storyboards, and I wanted to put them in this blog post as well as the character designs I was doing. Since I am a bit behind schedule, I’ll work really hard in the upcoming days to finish the first few pages of my graphic novel rather than writing the whole thing.

So these are the character designs! The storyboard might be linked on my blog, but since it’s pretty rough, probably not. I had a lot of fun with it though.

Show Not Tell Writing

Telling sentence: The puppy was a terror


As I took the first step up the stairs, a tiny fur-ball came racing down at the speed of sound, dragging behind itself a roll of unfurling toilet paper. I stared flabbergasted as the little devil bounded down the stairs, pouncing on me and knocking all of the wind out of me. The small but terrifying puppy yipped happily, dropping the roll of toilet paper and running off in another direction. I steadied myself and followed the dog’s path of destruction into the kitchen, where I nearly fainted at the sight which awaited me. The little pest had somehow gotten into the fridge and was sniffing curiously at a carton of a milk. When it saw me, it scampered away mischievously, and I ran after it, hot on its heels. The dog finally stopped in the garage, where it dove into a box of Christmas lights. The troublemaker emerged, wagging its tail proudly, tongue hanging out and entangled in colourful strands of lights, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the silly puppy.

ZIP Post #3-almost…

I’m sitting down in front of my computer again, typing as fast as possible. I’m trying to make this piece as descriptive as possible, so I’ve been going on thesaurus a lot… Don’t you hate it when the same word keeps appearing over and over? I’ve scrapped tons of stories, so I’m trying to make the best of what I have right now.

If it seems like I’m not doing much, it’s because I’m not saying much. To be honest, most days I’m just continuing with my writing so I really don’t have much to say. And that’s why my blog posts are so short. But good news! I finished a story, and now all that’s left is for it to get edited!

In the place of the story I finished, I’ve started a new one. I feel pretty good about the last one. I’ve never been good at ending my stories but this time I tried write a full-circle ending. I think the book Out of my Mind ended like that, and I really enjoyed that book, so it was fun to end my story like that.

Now I’m writing a story about a character with no emotions. It’s actually more difficult than I thought because I have a hard time relating to her. That’s because I have emotions, surprisingly enough. But the more I write, the less it makes sense. Would a character who is emotionless have any thoughts? Because a lot of the things we think about are our opinions. Perhaps the only thing that runs through her mind is remarks. “Oh the leaves are falling,” or “It’s snowing outside.”

I’m in the process of editing my stories, and I found out that I wrote basically an entire story in the wrong tense. So now I’m going through that and changing all the verbs.

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Anyway, I’m wrapping up the editing and when that’s all done and over with, I’ll write a few more stories. There are a few that I’m kind of iffy on and I’ll probably gloss over them during the speech. Others I feel pretty good about.

I’ve just made a few revisions to my rubric. Hard to believe that this project is almost over! Feels like just yesterday I sat down to write my first story. I’m wrapping up another story, so I’ll be editing that soon. It’s a bit sad that I started a lot of stories but didn’t get to finish them, but probably only about 5% of the original ideas make it to the final product.

Anyways, this is my last post, and I’m putting together some things for the presentation now. I guess I’ll just post this update for now.

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ZIP post #2-a continuation

So I thought about how I am always scared and think, “it’s impossible,” even before I start and decided to write a story based on that thought. A line I just have to use is, “You’re giving up even before you try?” I guess the whole story will be about trying your best and succeeding due to your efforts. That’s pretty cheesy, but it’s how a lot of people at the top get to where they are now. I also finished a very, very short story last night after I posted my first ZIP-related blog post. I guess it’s a start!

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To those of you who think that Romeo and Juliet is incredibly romantic: it’s probably not as romantic as you think! First of all, Juliet is thirteen going on fourteen, and it’s generally accepted that Romeo is older that Romeo is older than her. Secondly, the reason why Romeo was at the Capulets’ party was so he could catch a glimpse of the fair Rosaline. Juliet happened to be there, and he fell in love with her looks. From this we can deduce that Romeo is a pretty shallow guy. In fact, when Benvolio said that the beautiful girls at the party would make Rosaline look like a crow among swans, Romeo declares that Rosaline is the most beautiful girl since the world started. And then the second he spots Juliet he begins a monologue about how beautiful she is. This got me thinking. What if, by some tragic incident, Juliet was horribly disfigured? What do you think would happen between the two?

Anyway, I’ve started on a few more stories. It’s quite the task to juggle all of these at the same time. I’m not really good with ending my stories, because I either get over attached to my characters or I’m not sure where would give the reader the best closure. As an avid lover of books I can assure you that I hate cliffhangers and ambiguous endings.

Recently I learned about stock characters. A good example is Helena and Hermia, two characters from a Midsummer Night’s Dream. The two characters are so similar that they are often interchangeable, causing mass confusion. It seems really hard to use characters like this in stories, but it would be a really fun challenge to take on.

I’m continuing my writing. Nothing else particularly interesting has happened, but I’ve been thinking about going to the library and getting a few books for inspiration.

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The Unknown Story of the Unknown Plant

Once there was an unknown plant deep, deep in the forest. It was but a small bud and no one knew of it but one girl. She walked deep into the forest, and watered the small seedling. The plant grew voraciously, feeding off of the other plant’s nutrients and absorbing all the sunshine in the glade. Soon it was the tallest flower in the whole forest, towering over all the malnourished plants, a perennial giant.

When spring came around, the flower blossomed wonderfully. Everyone came to see it, and praised it for its wonderful, lush green leaves and beautiful blooming flowers. The plant brought happiness to those who saw it, and many botanists came and snapped pictures, admiring this wondrous plant. On their way out, they stepped on all the other plants in the glade.

After a great many experiments, botanists found that another type of plant would thrive best in the glade and sprinkled more seeds into the earth. These new seedlings were treated with the utmost care; scientists from around the globe came to water them and examine their growth. Of course, every time they visited they would always enthuse about the wonderful plant that only kept climbing higher. Its waxy green leaves were almost touching the sky, and the air was infused with a sweet scent. The other plants in the glade were all but forgotten.

All at once, the small sprouts burst out of the ground, blooming even bigger, brighter and better than the first plant. They burst forth, bringing with them the sweetest fragrance. The delicate buds unfurled and spread their powder pink hues across the forest. From all four corners of the globe, scientists came and viewed the flowers with great admiration, appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of each individual plant. The first plant was now the shortest of the lot, and a few botanists shook their heads in disappointment. It was not worthy of their scrutinizing eyes anymore.

This species was invasive, taking down and destroying the other plants in the glade, including the formerly beautiful flower. It began to show signs of damage, slowly withering and crumbling away. Now, the new species took the nutrients of all the shrubs, flowers and trees around them and slowly, the forest that was so full of life before, was dying.

Quivering, the plants of the forests were gradually ebbing away, and there was a vast expanse of the invasive new plant. On and on, there was row upon row of uniform pinkish blossoms. Still, the botanists turned a blind eye and cultivated the plant, allowing it to flourish. The plants thrived under their care, growing higher and higher. Where was the unknown plant, first of their kind? Hidden underneath all the foliage, it was there trying to penetrate through the impossibly thorny barrier the other plants had created.

One day, an unknown woman wandered through this field, and she walked for hours through the endless rows until she suddenly uncovered the unknown plant. The woman was amazed by what she saw.

The unknown flower was still alive despite all the complications.




ZIP post #1- an amalgamation of my work thus far

I finally decided to upload my log so far onto my blog. I haven’t done much, but I’ll be working on it so that the work doesn’t pile up. Haha….

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Today I read a few writing prompts. A lot of them include Death as a character, and it reminds me of The Book Thief, which is told from the perspective of Death. I think it’s really interesting to try and personify something that is more of an idea than a thing.

I read Double Identity, a story starting in media res. It would be a challenge but it would also be really fun to try and write in media res. Apparently Homer’s stories the Odyssey and the Iliad were written in media res, and the Odyssey includes several flashbacks but the Iliad does not.

I decided to do a few character sketches and decide on the protagonist of my first story. I chose the name Sophie because I was thinking about Sophie’s World over the weekend. I’m still figuring out the plot but I’ve got a pretty clear idea of the setting and the characters. I decided to start writing just to give myself something to work with.

I have two short stories in progress now, but they might not be in the final copy of my ZIP project. Anyway, I figure my updates will get longer as I do more interesting things. I guess that’s it for this post!

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